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Canna Health Amsterdam is on a mission to promote a balanced and healthy life through accessible and affordable high-quality CBD products. We are more than just a brand. We are a team committed to innovation and developing exceptional CBD, CBG, CBN, and HHC products.  

Safety, education, and transparency are key.  

Our CBD edibles, oils, crystals, skincare, cosmetics, and more, are carefully developed to be therapeutic and unique. So, are you ready to let the experts hemp you and lead a more fulfilling life with industry-leading natural remedies? 

Our Potential 

Hemp products may help maintain your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex network that plays a significant role in preserving internal body balance and function. 

Our CBD and hemp products bind to various transmitters in your this system. As a result, you may potentially benefit from improved mood, reduced pain and inflammation, better sleep, and more. Thanks to our expertise in CBD formulations and exceptional customer service, we’ve got you covered. 

Our CBD Standards and Vision 

At Canna Health Amsterdam, we value your satisfaction above everything else. We offer superior CBD-based blends at competitive prices. As our consumer’s preferences evolve, so do our solutions.

Our top-notch team is passionate about quality. To support our mission, we source our CBD from industrial hemp without toxic solvents.

Using only ethanol, Canna Health Amsterdam takes pride in excelling against EU Pharmacopoeia Standards. Moreover, we use a mix of broad and full-spectrum CBD to give you ultimate flexibility. So whether you want to remain THC-free or are looking for high purity levels, Canna Health Amsterdam has you covered! 

We offer everything from edibles and creams to 99.7% pure CBD crystals. Plus, we have ambitious plans to continue revolutionizing our CBD line-up with even more options. Our products always stand out—offering unlimited benefits.

Let the Experts Hemp You! 

Canna Health Amsterdam represents its vision to produce high-quality CBD products. You may rest assured that you can find the best hemp extract products possible, as every step of the process is filled with an unwavering devotion to excellence. 

Browse our Canna Health Amsterdam products selection or visit our blog to learn more.


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