Explore our exceptional range of CBD buds, a premium selection of the highest quality flower buds derived from meticulously cultivated Cannabis Sativa hemp plants. Our assortment of hemp flower strains is rich in CBD content, ensuring you’ll find the perfect blend of terpene profiles to suit your preferences. Whether you’re seeking the potential benefits of CBD, such as its interaction with CB2 receptors contributing to the entourage effect, or you simply enjoy the experience of smoking CBD flower, our collection promises a premium experience.

Each hemp bud is compliant with the farm bill, containing THC content within legal limits, allowing you to enjoy the experience without the psychoactive side effects typically associated with other cannabis plants. We’re proud to offer both packaged buds and ground hemp flowers, ensuring convenience and variety for every enthusiast.

Explore the myriad of benefits of CBD with our carefully curated, top-tier hemp flowers, each offering a unique experience influenced by their distinct terpene and CBD profiles. Always ensure to use responsibly and stay informed about the potential side effects, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience with every puff.

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Angel’s Harvest – CBD 6.93%


Pine Citrus Scent

CBD: 6.93% - THC: <LOQ

CBD Madness – CBD 10.18%


Citrus - Sweet - Skunk

CBD: 10.18% - THC: <LOQ

Get Beezy CBG-CBD – Ground Hemp Flower – 20g


20 g of Ground Hemp Flower - CBG & CBD


Get Beezy Orange CBD – Ground Hemp Flower – 20g


20 g of Fine Hemp Flowers / Shake

CBD: 12.66% - THC: <LOQ

Green Hornet – CBD 9.83%


Fresh Sandalwood Aroma

CBD: 9.83% - THC: <LOQ

Taste of Glory – CBD 9.50%


Sweet like cookies - Spicy

CBD: 9.50% - THC: <LOQ