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15% CBG Oil & 15% CBN Oil


Find your balance with Canna Health Amsterdam's CBG and CBN oil bundle. Tailored for both day and night use, this premium set offers a rounded approach to well-being.

20% HHC E-Liquid – Strawberry (10ml)

25.00 16.25

Indulge in the sweet and tangy essence of our 20% HHC E-Liquid, expertly crafted for an unforgettable vaping experience.

20% HHC-P E-Liquid – Green Apple (10ml)

35.00 22.75

Experience the crisp and invigorating taste of our 20% HHC-P E-Liquid, meticulously blended to provide a truly exceptional vaping sensation.

99% HHC-P Vape Cartridge: Cookies – 1ml

45.00 29.25

Experience the unparalleled pleasure of our 99% HHC-P Vape Cartridge: Cookies. Each puff is a delicious treat, serving up the sweet, rich taste of freshly baked cookies that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

With a mighty 99% concentration of HHC-P, this vape pen sets the stage for a truly sublime experience.

99% HHC-P Vape Cartridge: Diesel – 1ml

45.00 29.25

Experience a bold and uplifting blend of citrus and earthy flavors with our 99% HHC Madness Diesel disposable vape cart.

99% HHC-P Vape Cartridge: Strawberry – 1ml

45.00 29.25

Experience the refreshing delight of our 99% HHC-P Madness Vape Cartridge: Strawberry. Each puff delivers a burst of ripe strawberry sweetness, instantly transporting you to a sun-soaked berry patch.

99% HHC-P Vape Cartridge: Wedding Cake – 1ml

45.00 29.25

Embark on a journey of unparalleled bliss and tranquility with our 99% HHC-P Madness Vape Cartridge: Wedding Cake. Each puff of this premium cartridge is like stepping into an aromatic bakery, with the sweet and tangy flavor of Wedding Cake caressing your senses.

Bundle – HHC WAX / SAUCE – 99.4% HHC | Pick and Mix – 3 x 1000 mg


Bundle HHC WAX / SAUCE - 99.4% HHC

Pick and Mix 3 x 1000 mg HHC Wax / Sauce & get 3 x 1ml Empty Cartridges & a 400mAh Battery!


Buy 1 & Get 1 for FREE – HHC GUMMY: GREEN APPLE – 2 x 100 mg HHC


Tangy Green Apple flavour, and a sugar coating that fizzes on your tongue.

This is more than just a tasty treat. Experience the sensational kick of HHC in a fun gummy that’s infused with 10 mg HHC. The ideal dose to give you all the wondrous benefits of this unique compound.


Buy 1 & Get 1 for FREE – VEGAN CBD GUMMY: RAINBOW BITES – 2 x 500mg CBD


A fun and colourful twist to your favourite gummies. A mouthwatering burst of berries to excite your taste buds, and a sour tang for a punchy kick.

Canna Health Amsterdam’s Rainbow Bites, are Vegan CBD Gummies and they deliver exactly what the package promises: An explosion of colour, excitement, and flavour. All with 50mg CBD per gummy that may inspire feelings of relaxation and boost restful sleep.


CBD – CBG MASSAGE OIL: Argan Oil & Lavender – 250 mg CBD, 250 mg CBG

45.00 33.75

Experience the soothing embrace of relaxation with 250mg of CBG and 250 mg of CBD—the perfect duo for tranquil indulgence. Combined with the nourishing Argan Oil and calming Lavender, this CBD-CBG Massage Oil invites you into a world of serenity.

CBD – CBG MASSAGE OIL: Argan Oil, Camphor & Mint – 250 mg CBD, 25O mg CBG

45.00 33.75

This minty massage oil has 250mg of CBG and 250 mg of CBD—the ‘cannabinoid power couple’ for elevated, soothing relief.

With premium Argan Oil, powerful Camphor, and rejuvenating Mint, this CBD Massage Oil is the total package. Camphor stimulates fraught nerves to calm symptoms of muscle stiffness and joint pain. Mint oil’s refreshing aroma is the perfect touch of calming coolness.