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THCp Get Beezy – 20g


THCp Get Beezy, a premium ground THCp flower from Canna Health Amsterdam

THCp Get Beezy: Cherry Gorilla – 20g


Experience the bold blend of Cherry Gorilla, where the tartness of cherries meets the deep flavors of Gorilla, in a THCp hemp flower.

Each 20g pouch delivers a robust, satisfying taste for a premium smoking experience.

THCp Get Beezy: Banana Skittles – 20g


Dive into the tropical delight of Banana Skittles, a perfect mix of banana's sweetness and Skittles' tanginess.

This THCp-enriched, tobacco-free hemp flower comes in a 20g pouch, offering a playful and flavorful escape.

THCp Get Beezy: Berry Gelato – 20g


Experience the luscious and robust flavors of THCp Get Beezy: Berry Gelato – a 20g blend that promises a unique sensory journey with every use.

THCp Get Beezy: Mango Shoreline – 20g


Experience the tropical bliss of THCp Get Beezy: Mango Shoreline by Canna Health Amsterdam, a 20g pouch of superior THCp-infused, tobacco-free hemp flower.

Savor the fusion of juicy mango and subtle coastal notes for a sweet, refreshing taste. Ideal for relaxation, it offers a smooth, captivating experience.