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20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 2000 mg / 6000 mg CBD


Experience CBD's therapeutic benefits with this potent 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil. 

Full spectrum CBD includes all the naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. This includes a very small amount of THC (0,19%). But you can rest assured that this quantity complies with Dutch and EU law and will not cause any psychoactive effects. 

CBD works with the other cannabinoids and compounds in this oil to promote overall wellness and relaxation in the body. It may potentially improve mood, reduce stress, regulate sleep, and relieve pain. 

100% Natural - Gluten Free - Vegan

50% Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 5000 mg / 15000 mg CBD


The highest concentration of Full Spectrum CBD available.

We offer many different concentrations to reach all of your needs!

100% Natural - Gluten Free - Vegan