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FOCUS RAW – Herb Tea Blend

Promotes clarity of mind with lip-smacking, refreshing flavour.

A burst of berries to enliven your mind and soul.  The comforting combination of unique herbs inspires focus and clarity. Supports a rejuvenated mind, to potentially ease work and life stress—it’s time to get more done with your day.

Flavour description: Fruity Berry Tang

HARMONY – Herb Tea Blend

Infusing harmony within your heart and mind. 

A cup of Harmony Herb Tea goodness that paves the path to consistent mindfulness and balance. This unique tea blend with a lemony floral flavour stands out with its refreshing taste and calming spirit. 

Flavour description: Lemony Floral

NIGHT ZONE – Herb Tea Blend

Restful and revitalising sleep.

It’s time to kick poor-quality sleep to the curb. Revive your day, nurture your body, and improve your mood. Night Zone brings together the most premium quality herbs to infuse calmness into your soul. Wind down for the sleep of your dreams with a steaming, freshly-brewed cup. 

Flavor description: Citrusy Mint.

RELEAF – Herb Tea Blend

Nutrient-packed Herb Tea Blend for comforting relief.

A unique blend of ingredients to support mind and body wellness. Raspberry leaves may potentially enhance metabolism and nurture a tranquil mind. Meadowsweet is naturally anti-inflammatory - potentially relieving pain. Antimicrobial peppermint is known to relieve certain uncomfortable sinus symptoms.  

Flavour description: Earthy Floral