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15% THCp E-Liquid – 10ml


Experience the purity of THCp with our unflavored E-Liquid, featuring a 15% THCp concentration in a 10ml bottle.

Perfect for those who prefer a straightforward, potent vaping experience.

THC-P Oil – Pure: 600 mg THCp


Delve into the profound potency of THCp Oil with our "Pure" blend, infused in natural Hemp Seed Oil. Celebrated for being 33 times stronger than THC, each drop of this oil offers a distinct cannabinoid experience.

Attention: This product is not intended for beginners.

Begin with caution and a minimal dosage.


THCp Buds: Banana Skittles


Enjoy the delightful blend of THCp Buds: Banana Skittles, available in 3.5g and 10g.

Experience the sweet banana taste mixed with the playful tang of Skittles, offering a fun and aromatic twist on your hemp enjoyment.

THCp Buds: Cherry Gorilla


Discover the rich, fruity aroma of THCp Buds: Cherry Gorilla in 3.5g and 10g options.

Perfect for those who cherish deep cherry notes paired with the robustness of Gorilla genetics, offering a distinctive and enjoyable hemp experience.

THCp Buds: Forbidden Fruit


Indulge in the exotic flavors of THCp Buds: Forbidden Fruit, offered in 3.5g and 10g sizes.

This strain delivers a mysterious and tantalizing aroma, ideal for those seeking a unique and enchanting experience.

THCp Buds: Pineapple Express

THCp Buds: Pineapple Express Experience the exhilarating blend of THCp Buds: Pineapple Express, available in 3.5g and 10g formats. A

THCp Get Beezy – 20g


THCp Get Beezy, a premium ground THCp flower from Canna Health Amsterdam

THCp Get Beezy: Cherry Gorilla – 20g


Experience the bold blend of Cherry Gorilla, where the tartness of cherries meets the deep aromas of Gorilla, in a THCp hemp flower.

Each 20g pouch delivers a robust, satisfying taste for a premium experience.

THCp Get Beezy: Banana Skittles – 20g


Dive into the tropical delight of Banana Skittles, a perfect mix of banana's sweetness and Skittles' tanginess.

This THCp-enriched, tobacco-free hemp flower comes in a 20g pouch, offering a playful and aromatic escape.