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CBD – CBG MASSAGE OIL: Argan Oil & Lavender – 250 mg CBD, 250 mg CBG


Experience the soothing embrace of relaxation with 250mg of CBG and 250 mg of CBD—the perfect duo for tranquil indulgence. Combined with the nourishing Argan Oil and calming Lavender, this CBD-CBG Massage Oil invites you into a world of serenity.

CBD – CBG MASSAGE OIL: Argan Oil, Camphor & Mint – 250 mg CBD, 25O mg CBG


This minty massage oil has 250mg of CBG and 250 mg of CBD—the ‘cannabinoid power couple’ for elevated, soothing relief.

With premium Argan Oil, powerful Camphor, and rejuvenating Mint, this CBD Massage Oil is the total package. Camphor stimulates fraught nerves to calm symptoms of muscle stiffness and joint pain. Mint oil’s refreshing aroma is the perfect touch of calming coolness.



Revitalize your skin with our 100% organic FACE SERUM – 50 mg CBD. Crafted for all skin types, this lightweight, non-greasy serum offers nourishment and rejuvenation, infusing your skin with nature's best ingredients.

THE BODYGUARD: Muscle Balm – 1000 mg CBD


Premium CBD muscle balm—instant hydration and targeted relief. 

Your body deserves to feel its best. Bodyguard CBD Body Butter soothes your sore muscles and eases painful joints. It targets aches and pains at their source and nourishes your skin with a blend of all-natural hydrating ingredients.