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THC-P Oil – Pure

✅ 33 times stronger than traditional THC oil

✅ Infused in 100% natural Hemp Seed Oil


✅ THC-Free Formula

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Continue reading in order to find out all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding THCp.

The landscape of Cannabis is continuously transforming, and our Black Label series stands at the vanguard of this innovation. Catering to those aiming for weight management or desiring a superior cannabinoid journey, our offerings are crafted to be both opulent and efficacious.

The Complex World of THCP Oil

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol or THCP is a naturally occurring but less common cannabinoid thought to be many times more potent than THC. Its rarity and potency are encapsulated in our Black Label THCP oil.

Research into THCP suggests that it could offer profound therapeutic benefits due to its high affinity for CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Is THCP Legal?

As with any cannabinoid, legality is subject to change and varies by location. Our Black Label THCP oil is produced in strict compliance with current legal standards to ensure it is legally accessible.

The Research on THCP

Scientific investigation into THCP is at the frontier of cannabinoid research, with interest in its enhanced potency and possible benefits. Keep an eye out for new research and insights into this intriguing compound.

THCP Oil vs. THC-P Tincture: Understanding the Distinction

"THCP oil" and "THC-P tincture" might seem like different products, but they are two names for the same high-quality offering in our Black Label collection. Created with meticulous attention to quality, our THCP oil is designed to deliver the distinctive potential benefits of THCP.

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THC-P Oil – Pure: 200 mg / 600 mg THCp


Delve into the profound potency of THCp Oil with our "Pure" blend, infused in natural Hemp Seed Oil. Celebrated for being 33 times stronger than THC, each drop of this oil offers a distinct cannabinoid experience.

Attention: This product is not intended for beginners.

Begin with caution and a minimal dosage.


THC-V Oil – No 5: 500 mg / 1500 mg THCv


Dive into the pure essence of THCv with our premium Oil, No5.

Available in two sizes, this blend offers a tailored experience, balancing potency with purity. Infused in natural Hemp Seed Oil, it promises an elevated cannabinoid journey.


THCp Gummies: Tutti Frutti – 25mg THCp


Elevate your senses with our THCp Gummies in irresistible Tutti Frutti flavor! Infused with 25mg THCp per gummy, experience a new level of euphoria and relaxation. Perfect for those looking to explore beyond THC!


THCp HASH / HASHISH – 50mg THCP, 35% CBD – 1G


Canna Health Amsterdam THCP Hash consists of 50mg THCP (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol) and 35% CBD.

 THCP: 50mg CBD: 35% Δ9-THC: 0% Δ8-THC: 0%


THCp Mushroom Gummies: Lime – 25mg THCp


Elevate your senses with our zesty Lime THCp Shroom Gummies!

Infused with 2.5mg THCp and a blend of lion's mane mushroom, rhodiola, yerba mate, and green tea, each gummy promises a holistic boost. Revel in vibrant lime flavors while enjoying enhanced focus, energy, and balance.

Perfect for those seeking a natural uplift.


THCp Mushroom Gummies: Mixed Berry – 25mg THCp


Savor the berry goodness with Shroom Health Amsterdam's THCp Mushroom Gummies.

Infused with THCp, reishi, turkey tail, holy basil, and a sleep blend, these vegan gummies promise tranquility, enhanced immunity, and optimal well-being.


THCp Mushroom Gummies: Tropical – 25mg THCp


Discover tropical bliss with Shroom Health Amsterdam's THCp Mushroom Gummies.

Infused with THCp, cordyceps, maitake, ashwagandha, and cacao, these vegan delights uplift mood, boost energy, and fortify well-being.

Dive into a lush tropical experience while nurturing your body and mind.


THCp Vape Cartridge: Lemon Haze – 1ml

45.00 33.75

Experience smooth, high-quality vaping with our THC-P Lemon Haze Vape Cartridge. This THCp vape is your on-the-go solution for relaxation and wellness. Third-party tested, zero THC.

THCp Vape Cartridge: Peach – 1ml

45.00 33.75

Immerse yourself in the blissful combination of ripe peach and high-quality THCP Vape. Our Peach Bliss Vape Cartridge delivers an unparalleled vaping experience tailored for those who prioritize flavor and potency.

Vape Battery 900mAh – 510 Thread – Micro USB – Ugo


The EcPow vape battery boasts a powerful 900mAh capacity. Ensuring that you'll have plenty of juice for all of your vaping needs.