Cannabis May Prevent Covid Infection

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Are CBD Covid-19 treatments effective? Do cannabis compounds have any effect on the omicron variant or other covid variants?

Although we still have more questions than answers currently, recent research shows that some of the compounds found in cannabis may prevent Covid-19 infection. 

The world has been dealing with this Covid-19 pandemic for a couple of years now. Ever since the first cases of SARS-CoV-2 were detected, scientists everywhere have been studying the virus tirelessly. Any information we get about potential ways to prevent and/or treat the virus is very exciting and important. More research is needed to help keep people healthy and hopefully, allow us to return to some type of “normal” soon. 

A recent lab study on cannabis and Covid-19 has delivered very promising results. Keep reading to learn more about how CBD and Covid-19 interacted in that study. Plus, learn all about the best methods for using cannabis and some of its other potential benefits. 


The Research Behind Cannabis and Covid-19

A study was recently performed that looked at how certain cannabis compounds affect the Covid-19 virus. This study was published in the Journal of Natural Products at the beginning of January 2022. 

The study was published by researchers affiliated with Oregon State University. It states that certain cannabis compounds can prevent infection of the virus causing Covid-19. Two of those compounds, the cannabinoids CBGA and CBDA blocked the virus from entering human cells in that study. 

Essentially, the two compounds (CBGA and CBDA – both commonly found in hemp), bind to spike proteins found in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Then, they keep the virus from entering the human cells and infecting them. When the cannabinoids attach to the spike proteins of the virus, they block a step the virus uses to infect people. This drastically decreases the rate of infection. 

How the Covid-19 Virus Works

To better understand how cannabis and Covid-19 interact, it’s helpful to understand how the Covid-19 virus infects people. 

There are a lot of different types of coronaviruses, with some giving people the common cold. The coronavirus that you’ve heard a lot about recently is what causes the Covid-19 illness. 

You’ve probably seen pictures of what the virus looks like: a ball with spikes pointing in all directions. Those spikes are aptly named “spike proteins” and they are one of the most important parts of the virus. The spikes help the virus infect cells quickly and easily. 

The coronavirus latches onto healthy cells by attaching its spike proteins to the cell’s receptors. Those pointy spikes do a great job of attaching to other cells. Then, the viral proteins burst into the cells and take command of the cell, eventually causing an infection.

COVID-19 molecule

How does CBD stop Covid-19 infection?

As we briefly discussed, CBD may be able to prevent infection of Covid-19 by binding to the spike proteins on the virus. When it binds to these proteins, it makes it more difficult for the virus to latch onto and infect cells.

Basically, the cannabis compounds CBDA and CBGA interfere with the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s ability to infect human cells. This decreases the rate of infection in the body and may even prevent infection. 

This research is very exciting. It’s important to keep in mind that more research must be done before we know how effective using cannabis for Covid-19 is. These results look very promising. But we need more studies before we know whether CBD could be a potential cure or treatment for Covid. We also need more studies so we can understand the best methods, dosage, and more. 

Are there cannabis or CBD Covid-19 treatments available?

Currently, there are no Covid-19 CBD or cannabis treatments available. There are no medications or approved cannabis supplements designed to prevent or treat Covid-19. Hopefully with more research, we will have medications or supplements available soon. Or, perhaps we will soon have more information about the best dosages of CBD to potentially prevent infection.

As of right now, you can use your favorite brand of CBD to potentially decrease your risk of infection. However, keep in mind that using CBD to prevent Covid-19 infection is not a guarantee. Plus, it is still very important to follow your local guidelines to prevent the spread and infection of Covid. Wash your hands regularly, practice social distancing, etc.

How much CBD should I take to prevent Covid-19?

Taking CBD in addition to following the other health guidelines may improve your chances of getting sick. Plus, CBD is known for a variety of other health benefits. It may improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and more. There are many benefits that you can enjoy from taking CBD daily. 

The best dose of CBD depends on a few different factors. It’s best to speak with your health care provider for their recommendation. You can also follow the guidelines listed on the product packaging. Start with a low dose, then slowly increase the amount until you reach your desired results. 

What about the Omicron variant?

The omicron variant and other variants of Covid all have spike proteins, so CBDA and CBGA will likely affect them all similarly. They bind to the spike proteins and make it more difficult for the virus to infect the cells. 

However, each variant is different, so researchers must study the effects of cannabis on each variant to understand if there are any differences. 

What does this research mean moving forward?

This research study is great because it is opening doors for more research on CBD and Covid-19. The more studies there are, the better. Hopefully, soon we will understand whether CBD Covid-19 treatments will be available to potentially prevent or cure Covid infections. 

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