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HHC in the European Legal Spotlight: A Rollercoaster of Regulation


Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a newcomer in the cannabinoid world. It has gained massive attention recently. Its current and future legality is a hot topic across Europe, sparking intense discussions and debates.

As we mentioned in a previous piece, HHC: A Legal High in Europe was hailed as a legal high in Europe. It offers an experience similar to THC. But, as with all things, change was on the horizon for HHC’s legality in Europe.

The Current Status Across Countries

(Listed Alphabetically)

Austria: Austria saw a push for HHC’s inclusion in the ‘New Psychoactive Substances Ordinance’ (NPSO). By March’s end, HHC joined the list of banned substances.

Belgium: Belgium reacted quickly to the HHC wave. It added HHC to its list of controlled substances, marking a swift response.

Bulgaria: In Bulgaria, the National Drugs Council proposed to ban HHC. They suggested classifying it alongside THC as a Schedule 1 substance.

Cyprus: Cyprus moved fast in the legal dance around HHC. The Cyprus National Addictions Authority decided to include HHC in its narcotics catalogue in April.

Czech Republic: Early 2023 saw a surge in HHC’s popularity on the Czech internet. However, by July 2023, HHC found itself on the list of addictive substances.

Denmark: The Danish Health Minister hinted at a potential HHC ban, showing a proactive health approach.

Estonia: Following Iceland’s move, Estonia added HHC to its list of psychotropic drugs.

France: France’s Health Minister hinted at a potential change for HHC. A shift in HHC’s legality in Europe might be on the horizon.

Iceland: Iceland moved fast to include HHC in its narcotics regime. This led to HHC’s prompt removal from the market.

Poland: Poland plans to add HHC and HHC-O to its list of narcotics, marking a dual approach.

Sweden: Sweden’s Public Health agency started an investigation into HHC and H4-CBD in April. The public now awaits the final classification.

Switzerland: Switzerland took a firm stand. It banned HHC and ten other substances on April 4.

HHC’s Future in Europe

The journey of HHC has been as captivating as a high-seas adventure. Stay tuned for more updates on HHC legality in Europe. Dive into the captivating realm of HHC Madness, brought to you by Canna Health Amsterdam! Our content aims to keep you informed about the ever-evolving world of cannabinoids.

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