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THCp Buds: Pineapple Express

THCp Buds: Pineapple Express Experience the exhilarating blend of THCp Buds: Pineapple Express, available in 3.5g and 10g formats. A

THCp Buds: Forbidden Fruit


Indulge in the exotic flavors of THCp Buds: Forbidden Fruit, offered in 3.5g and 10g sizes.

This strain delivers a mysterious and tantalizing aroma, ideal for those seeking a unique and enchanting experience.

THCp Buds: Banana Skittles


Enjoy the delightful blend of THCp Buds: Banana Skittles, available in 3.5g and 10g.

Experience the sweet banana taste mixed with the playful tang of Skittles, offering a fun and aromatic twist on your hemp enjoyment.

THCp Buds: Cherry Gorilla


Discover the rich, fruity aroma of THCp Buds: Cherry Gorilla in 3.5g and 10g options.

Perfect for those who cherish deep cherry notes paired with the robustness of Gorilla genetics, offering a distinctive and enjoyable hemp experience.

THCp Get Beezy: Pineapple Express – 20g


Embark on a aroma adventure with Pineapple Express, combining the zest of pineapples with spicy undertones in a THCp flower.

Each 20g pouch is your ticket to a refreshingly vibrant experience.

THCp Get Beezy: Strawberry Diesel – 20g


Savor the fusion of sweet strawberries and potent diesel in Strawberry Diesel, a unique blend offered in a 20g pouch of THCp flower.

It's a harmonious mix for those who appreciate depth in aromas.

THCp Get Beezy: Lime Sherbet – 20g


Revitalize your senses with THCp Get Beezy: Lime Sherbet from Canna Health Amsterdam, a 20g pouch of zesty THCp flower.

Enjoy the sharp lime tang blended with creamy sherbet sweetness for a crisp, citrusy inhale and a smooth, sweet finish.