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CBD Madness – CBD 10.18%


Citrus - Sweet - Skunk

CBD: 10.18% - THC: <LOQ

HHC BUDS: Hard to Be Mean – 20% HHC – 8.08% CBD

HHC Infused Buds HHC: 20% - CBD: 8.08%

HHC BUDS: Let The Experts Hemp You – 20% HHC – 16.87% CBD

HHC Infused Buds - Let The Experts Hemp You HHC: 20% - CBD: 16.87%

Taste of Glory – CBD 9.50%


Sweet like cookies - Spicy

CBD: 9.50% - THC: <LOQ

THCp Get Beezy: Banana Skittles – 20g


Dive into the tropical delight of Banana Skittles, a perfect mix of banana's sweetness and Skittles' tanginess.

This THCp-enriched, tobacco-free hemp flower comes in a 20g pouch, offering a playful and aromatic escape.

THCp Get Beezy: Forbidden Fruit – 20g


Indulge in the allure of Forbidden Fruit, with its blend of exotic fruit sweetness and subtle earthy notes.

This 20g pouch of THCp-enhanced, tobacco-free hemp flower promises a mysterious and irresistible aromatic journey.